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                                              Public Speaking and Presentation Skills


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"Paul is excellent and encourages all students" - Nexans

Public Speaking Skills – Training Outline

A great presentation can help you clinch a sale or a new job, captivate an audience or teach your own skills to others. Communication is the new currency and fortunes can be won or lost on the back of how we present ourselves and yet unlike some cash-rich people who were born into money, it’s a myth to believe there are ‘born speakers’.

Presenting to a room full of people is more than just talking, it’s a performance. Throw in a microphone or two and a TV camera and it becomes a production. The Presentation Station will give you the proven techniques needed to impress and influence an audience of any size and show you how to polish the skills you already have.


  •  No nonsense cure for nerves
  •  Be fully prepared for presentations
  •  Using The Voice to communicate with 
  •  Developing your message for 
     maximum effect
  • Body Language - skills you can lean on
  • Basic mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Caught on camera. Film of your training for your eyes only
  • Practical demonstrations and realistic scenarios


This training course will provide you with the knowledge to master the skills needed for presentations and speaking in public.

The course is tailored to help whether you are fearful or fearless about speaking in public

Your individual performance will be filmed and critiqued in confidence as a complimentary follow up service.

 Make Your First Impression Last 

Our award winning trainer, Paul Lockitt will come to your venue or work-base and provide your team with a unique insight into proven presentation techniques and a tailor-made workshop.

Public Speaking Course Itinerary:


09.30   Registration; teas and coffees
10.00   Make a lasting impression from the word go
10.45   It's all about you!

  • The Voice - " I worry I speak too quickly"
    Pace, Pitch and Vocal Power
  • Get Real - "My body language when I speak isn't great". Find the natural communicator inside and outside of you
  • Slide & Speak - "I tend to use my slides as a crutch."
    How to avoid a pointless PowerPoint
  • High and Dry - "My subject-matter is boring."
    Taking dry to new heights

11.15  Break

11.30  Stand and Deliver - Put some presence in
           your presentation

 12.00 Pitch Perfect! Take your pitch to new heights

In this practical session your trainer will give you constructive feedback, and will encourage other participants to comment on some key skills, such as delivery-style, content, slides (if used) engagement and presence. Each presentation will be filmed fly-on-the-wall-style. 

12.45  Feedback and critique

13.00  Lunch

Session Two

14.00  Secrets - Presentation secrets of the pros
14.30  Stand and Deliver Part 2

           Delegates can deliver a presentation they
           prepared in advance *optional

16.00  Critique and Summary

16.20  The Big Finish!   

*Taking part in the practical sessions is optional, which provides peace of mind to those who prefer to observe.

Delegates who participate in the practical session will receive filmed footage of their individual performance and a personalised critique.

Thank you again for a most wonderful (training) day. I feel excited about my next opportunity to present as opposed to looking at it as huge job to get done - SAS Ltd