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                                                                                                 Essential Media Skills

                            "Clarity & Confidence"  ...... "Clarity & Confidence" ...... "Clarity & Confidence" ...... "Clarity & Confidence"

"Not as terrifying as I expected. Paul is very encouraging" - Manchester Int Festival


It is no secret that broadcast media can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Learning how to deliver a clear, effective & positive message is key for a well-planned public relations strategy. Our essential media training course delivered over one day will teach you the vital skills you need to communicate with the media across all platforms and ensure your message stays on point.

The course is delivered by Presentation Station's award-winning journalist, Paul Lockitt who has conducted thousands of broadcast media interviews with world leaders and business leaders, politicians and the public.

Learning Outcomes

This course has been designed for people who are fairly new to speaking to the media, and will provide you with the knowledge and skills to confidently handle any interview for radio, TV and the press, including:

  • A unique insight into how journalists and broadcast professionals operate
  • Making your encounter with the camera count and your moment in front of the mic really matter
  • Understanding how TV, radio, the press and social media operate to use it to your advantage
  • Giving you the skills and confidence to practice in a safe environment


Paul Lockitt

Paul Lockitt is Bauer Media's multi-award winning Breakfast News Editor with twenty years' experience in broadcast journalism at Bauer Media, Sky Sports and Granada TV. In addition, Paul has vast experience as a University Lecturer and a Media Skills Trainer.

He has won the Sky ITN National News Broadcasting Award no less than five times, has been honoured for his talents at the New York Radio Festival and the UK 02 Media Awards.

Paul is in huge demand to host broadcast lectures and workshops. He is a specialist in delivering presentation skills and voice coach training in higher education, the public and private sectors. Paul also has an enviable reputation for chairing public question and answer sessions with high ranking politicians including Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

 10.00 - 3, 2, 1 …           

  • Introductions and expectations

10.15 - Prepare for the glare of the media

  • Behind the scenes of TV, Radio, the Press and Social Media
  • De-mystifying the media
  • Know your enemy and think like a journalist

10.45 - The Good and the Bad

  • Lessons from the best and worst

11.10 - Break

11.25 - After the break - The Message

  • Make your own headlines
  • Creating chunky sound-bites
  • Remote Control - take charge of the interview

11.45 - Action - Take One

  • Individual interview practice on camera

1.00 - Lunch

1.45 - BLT - Body Language Techniques

  • Keep Calm and Communicate
  • What Not To Wear

2.15 - The Voice 

2.45 - Break

3.00 - Action - Take Two

  • Individual interview practice on camera   

4.15 - Cut!

All participants receive a DVD featuring footage of their individual performance and a personalised critique.

Realistic Scenarios

                                            Realistic Scenarios